Construction Tender

A versatile vessel for your operational needs

This vessel can be disassembled for truck transport and reassembled in just a matter of hours.

.............. Main Equipment .................

Length: 26 feet
Width: 16 feet
Depth: 6 feet
Draft: 4 feet

Engines: Detroit Diesel 8-71's
Gear: 3:1
Props: 36" X 26"
Fuel: 1800 Gal.
Eye level: 22 feet
Approximate Weight: 16 tons

Engine gauges are large and easy to read. Alarm are for low oil pressure and high water temperature.

Two 5-ton winches are deck-mounted.

Electrical system is 12v DC with two wet storage batteries. A power distribution panel is in the pilot house and all circuit breakers can be changed there.

Additional features can be added at the customer's request:
1. USCG approved head
2. Electronic gear
3. Gin-pole or "a" frame
4. Fire suppression system
5. Fire pump and monitor

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