The People that Bring Pensacola History to You.

Sandra Johnson John Daniels

Sandra Johnson is the Director/Curator of the Pensacola Historical Society. A very active organization, they are located just South of the T. T. Wentworth Jr. State Museum. The Society operates a museum as well as a historical research library. Collection of information in the form of photographs, documents, books and maps are a primary goal of the Society. This information is disseminated trhough exhibits, publications and public programs. Sandra has a degreee in history from UNLV and is currently working on a masters in hsitorical archaeology at the University of West Florida.

John Daniels is the Director of Historic Pensacola, Inc. which operates the T.T.Wentworth Jr. Museum as well as Historic Pensacola Village, a grouping of historic homes and buildings in the Seville Square area of Pensacola. Tours are available daily except Sundays.

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