The People that Bring Pensacola History to You.

Dr. John Bratten Dr. Roger Smith

Dr. John Bratten (upper left photo) is the Conservator of the Spanish Shipwreck artifacts. Once the artifacts are brought to the surface they begin to deteriorate quickly. Dr. Bratten has a laboratory in the basement of the T. T. Wentworth Jr. Museum where he can properly prepare the items so they can be displayed. Many of the Artifacts are now on display in the J. Earl Bowden Building which is behind the Wentworth museum. In this photo Dr. Bratten is holding a ceramic plate that came from the 1559 Spanish shipwreck. It was found lying unbroken under the ship's spare anchor!

Dr. Roger Smith (upper right) is the Florida State Underwater Archaeologist. His team discovered the Shipwreck in Pensacola Bay that was later identified as one of Don Tristian De Luna's ill fated 1559 settlement attempt of Northwest Florida. Dr. Smith's team also identified many other potential sites in Pensacola and adjacent Bays which will be further explored by the University of West Florida's Institute of Archaeology as time and money permit. In this photo Dr. Smith is being interviewed by a local television station during the raising of the anchor from the Spanish Shipwreck site in 1997.

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